Difonix: Living Zimerhelq

The Griffon Spy

Part 1, written by Ved

The Griffon Spy, Part 1

In the realms above, upon the sky
mythic beasts and knights do ride,
with wings of gold, body of lion.
and riders clad in the finest iron,
all do respect, if not fear, the griffon riders of valkrehq,

half of one, we did meet,
beast and saddle, but no rider in seat,
its crest was false, faded and worn,
and with this, deception was born,
“I know this symbol,” wise Bartholomew did say,
“It belongs to a spy, of whom we must slay”

We marched with conviction, to do the deed,
following the trail left by the steed,
when demons we met, with bodies of blue,
who desired nothing but to add us to stew,

A Balista they had, a machine of death,
all had thought they’d drawn their final breath,
when the great sage Manara, with conjuration and curse,
created a cloud, to obscure the bolts course,

With Mist on our side, quick work was made,
the demons stood no chance when put to the blade,
Now we go into the pits, to find a spy,
into the lair of the demons, and their watchful eyes.


based on the events described to me last night, names have been changed to flow better and because I have no idea who anyone is yet.

The Griffon Spy

Holy crap, this is amazing!!!

The Griffon Spy

Dang. Will you always play a bard? Please? Yay Trent!

The Griffon Spy

Awesome! Our very own epic skald!

The Griffon Spy

heh, I just made this up in the car ride to work, didn’t think it was terribly good. Glad everyone likes it so far.

The Griffon Spy

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