Difonix - The Creation

The Dark Gods of the Multiverse had become vexed. Though the worlds they garnered worshipers upon were young, their plans of domination were not. Yet at every key moment when their dark machinations would be reaching its acme, the Forces of Light would hold sway and win the battle and eventually the war. The Dark Gods’ pools of worshipers were diminishing while their realms in the Outer Planes were filled with the fallen souls. So much effort and energy was expended in manipulating the lives of the mortals but yielded so little benefit. As all gods’ powers come from the devoutness and more critically the number, of their worshipers, the Dark Gods would never achieve an advantage against the Forces of Light. The Dark Gods had to gain more divine power and do it without the interference of Heroes of Good.

The Dark Gods that suffered the greatest losses were the first to suggest that they create a realm where their worshipers could be the dominant force allowing their numbers to grow unchecked. The realm would have to be hidden from the Lords of Light. Thega, the Grey Lord of Space, had spoken to Lolth in her Abyssal bedchambers of a First World that was all but hidden beyond a gravity well within the phlogiston. This would be the world the Dark Gods would populate with their worshippers. As the wars between Light and Dark continued across the Multiverse, the Dark Gods now acted to save their devout worshippers from annihilation.

The dark elves were the first to arrive upon Thega’s First World. Seeing that they had been saved, the named their new world Fonix, the elven word for phoenix, as their culture had escaped the destruction of their home world to find another where the surface was free of the Eldren (first elves). Many more drow arrived upon Fonix and were able to dominate the surface of the world rather than being exiled to the bowels of the planet. Other “dark” races found refuge upon Fonix, from the common orc to the majestic chromatic dragons. Races that would be considered exotic on their home planet were much more commonplace.
As the number of worshippers grew the resources of the Dark Gods grew stronger until they were able to gain successes upon the worlds of the Multiverse. The Cosmic Balance began to tilt in favour of Chaos and Evil. The Lords of Light were now the ones who were vexed; to the Grey Lords they turned for guidance to assure the Balance would not be destroyed. It was at this time that the Eternal Champion was created to work about the Multiverse to regain Balance. It was at this time that Thega remembered a First World he had mentioned in the throes of passion, a world he now visited.

Thega found a world not too different than the most loved realms of the gods like Oerth, Toril, Earth, and Krynn. Yet where humans had been introduced in those worlds to maintain Balance, upon Fonix only the followers of Darkness were on hand. Still he had to smile as among the tribes of orcs and surface dwelling drow, family groups that were spiritually aligned with “light” had formed and were creating communities opposed to the Dark Gods’ original plans. Thega returned to the Outlands of Concordia to report his findings to the Lords of Light and his Grey Lord peers.

Understanding where the Dark Lords were gaining their newfound strengths, the Lords of Light acted swiftly. Arriving upon Fonix with banners flying were the Heroes of Light sent to eradicate the dark races of Fonix.

The Dark Lords responded with great fury.

First they fell upon Thega, killing the Grey Lord and throwing his corpse into the gravity well that Fonix was hidden by. The Dark Gods then sealed off Fonix from the rest of the Multiverse, preventing any mortal from entering the realm or exiting via physical or magical means. Last, they went on the full offensive across many realms across the Multiverse, pushing the Lords of Light to their limits as they were now unable to recall their Divine Champions from Fonix. The Cosmic Balance shuddered and nearly toppled before a clear note from a horn was heard across the Multiverse.

The Grey Lords interceded, stopping the bloodshed as their Eternal Champion sacrificed itself to restore Balance. The First World was outside of this influence and the gods of Light and Darkness. Rather than eradicate the lives and cultures that had formed, the gods agreed to leave the world as is, except that the Lords of Light asked that the world be opened to the Multiverse again. The Dark Lords would not allow for it, wanting the Champions of Light to be trapped forever. The Lords of Light agreed with this but asked that the world be opened to those that are sent there but unable to leave it.

Donblas the White spoke simply, “A realm should exist where those devout followers of ours should be sent to live out the rest of their lives rather than face utter annihilation. A realm where the Lords of Light and Darkness, Chaos and Law, Good and Evil can preserve our blessed followers but cannot retrieve them to act on our behalves again. Two phoenixes rising, a realm of Difonix it will be.”

Difonix - The Creation

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