Difonix: Living Zimerhelq

The Man of Masks
Written by Ved StringSinger, the bard of ballads

Every show, there is one who asks,
and answering is such a disagreeable task,
so I wrote a song, so all may bask
in the answer of why I wear the masks

Mayhap I am humble, in the eyes of the gods,
Not wanting to show such a hideous visage,
Do the masks hide a beastly grin?
No, I am too handsome, the prettiest of my kin

Perhaps they hide a sneak, skulking in the shadows,
Stealing into the night to dodge the gallows,
Do the masks hide a clever thief?
If they did, this song would be brief,

No, I wear the masks, like all men do,
Not to hide, but to show whats true

The father wears a mask of happiness and glee,
When the burdens of life has brought him to knee,
Life weighs on him greatly, on shoulder and soul,
But it will not break him, it will not take its toll,
So he wears the mask, to bring joy to his kids,
So they do not see the pain he has hid

The priest wears a mask of devotion and piety,
To hide the anger, fear, and anxiety
It is a great gift, to be chosen by a god,
But the horrors you see, make the world seem flawed
Other men are the demons, that is his view,
Murderers, pillagers and rapists to just name a few,
But god has taught him forgiveness, to all others be kind,
So he wears his mask to keep these thoughts in a bind

I do not wear the masks due to burden or shame,
They are not hiding some monstrous maim,
I wear the masks only to show what I can,
Like all do when donning a mask of man.

The Griffon Spy
Part 1, written by Ved

The Griffon Spy, Part 1

In the realms above, upon the sky
mythic beasts and knights do ride,
with wings of gold, body of lion.
and riders clad in the finest iron,
all do respect, if not fear, the griffon riders of valkrehq,

half of one, we did meet,
beast and saddle, but no rider in seat,
its crest was false, faded and worn,
and with this, deception was born,
“I know this symbol,” wise Bartholomew did say,
“It belongs to a spy, of whom we must slay”

We marched with conviction, to do the deed,
following the trail left by the steed,
when demons we met, with bodies of blue,
who desired nothing but to add us to stew,

A Balista they had, a machine of death,
all had thought they’d drawn their final breath,
when the great sage Manara, with conjuration and curse,
created a cloud, to obscure the bolts course,

With Mist on our side, quick work was made,
the demons stood no chance when put to the blade,
Now we go into the pits, to find a spy,
into the lair of the demons, and their watchful eyes.

Patrol on the Yubaswill
Patrols are never the same when PCs are involved

A patrol sent to check the northeast frontier of the Ulurassal Forest finds petrol on the waters of the Yubaswill and orcs attempting to make off with ‘godmetal’ which leads the wild elf patrol to the site of a ’Thor’s Portal’, a place where the god’s lightning strikes down, leaving pieces of Asgard behind.

The Road to Dagger Rock
Deja vu

I need everyone’s characters names again aside from Lily’s. More to come when I’m not at work. Ha!

The high-elven dignitary of Amberilla departs from Lomara, the capitol of Zimerhelq, setting forth for Dagger Rock with her wild elf and Zimerhelq escorts.


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