Lady Indilwen Thôrphen

An attractive, but arrogant high-elven cleric


Indilwen is a tall high elf, bearing the stamp of nobility on her countenance. Her straight black hair and deeply blue eyes are striking against her pale skin; however, her otherworldly physical attractiveness is largely spoiled by her arrogant bearing.

She normally travels in chain mail with an azure cloak held by a golden eagle clasp. She bears a longsword and shield displaying the silver crescent moon of the Protector.

Lady Indilwen is currently on a diplomatic mission, attempting to secure a trade agreement between her home of Amberilla and the wild elves of the Ulurassal Forest. She is accompanied by three retainers: Cuneatus, the impotent, belligerent acolyte; Camaen, the unkind, courageous herald; and Rochirion, the embittered, unusual groom. The latter two are currently missing, evidently being held for ransom by an unidentified abductor.

Character Sheet – Level 3

Spell List


Lord Tawarthion and Lady Limwen head the affluent noble high-elven family Thôrphen, known for their patronage of Amberilla’s eagle riders. Their family crest is a golden eagle espanie before a crescent moon on royal blue.

Their first child, son Meldarion, serves as Captain of the eagle riders. Their second child, daughter Lostariel, stands to inherit rule of the family.

Lady Indilwen Thôrphen is the third child of Tawarthion and Limwen. With the two prominent positions in the family taken by her older siblings, she chose to answer the call of Corellon Larethian and serves as a feywarden in His service.


Lady Indilwen Thôrphen

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