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Wednesday Session 7/22/15

Sweep the leg!

Sir Andred Trellic kneels down to administer a healing potion to the fallen dwarf, Corkscrew. As he helps the dwarf up, he addresses Sereg, “We have the fight under control and your party looks to be in need of healing. Perhaps it is time you return and rest.” Unable to see any remaining giants, Sereg finally relents.

“Your assistance has been a great help to me, as always,” Lady Indilwen thanks Sir Trellic.

“My help is yours, my lady. Always,” he replies, reaching for her hand and planting a reverent kiss upon it. “For you truly are my valkyrie.” Indilwen preens under the attention while the party gathers to depart.

Descending (down) into the town, Indilwen announces that they’re headed for the Mithoi School. Kael is able to grant them access and Indilwen asks to see Flynn Mithoi. Flynn arrives shortly, wrinkling his nose at the dirty, bloody, battle-worn group dirtying the carpets.

“Sir Mithoi,” Indilwen begins. “I must ask you for a boon…”

“Wine,” Corkscrew interrupts. “Then bed.”

“Of course, you are welcome to rest here,” Flynn replies, signaling a servant to bring wine. “Master Corkscrew, I believe we have one of your best vintages.”

“Sure you do,” Corkscrew enigmatically replies1.

As wine is poured, Indilwen explains. “My retainers are being held for ransom, and I don’t have time to obtain the funds from Amberilla. I was wondering if I might beg the assistance of House Mithoi.”

“How much?” Flynn asks. “And when do you need it?”

“Eight hundred gold,” Indilwen replies. “By noon tomorrow.”

Flynn’s eyes widen. “I have to admit that I don’t have that amount immediately available in coin. However, would a number of (100gp) pearls suffice?”

Indilwen agrees and the group begins to retire to their rooms. Before resting, Indilwen composes a letter to her father requesting reimbursement for House Mithoi.

The next morning, healed and rested, the group breaks their fast at the Mithoi School. Sophos eschews the use of any silverware, much to Flynn’s horror. Indilwen thanks Flynn for his assistance, and the party heads out in search of Sir Kinndyr Davvydq.

As they make their way through Dagger Rock, the group finds the townsfolk cleaning up in the aftermath of the previous night’s battle. Indilwen picks her way through the debris and unwashed bodies, nose in the air, when she feels a tugging at her leg. She screeches in fright, startling the small, half-elven(ish) girl at her feet. The girl’s large, steel-colored eyes begin to tear, as Indilwen composes herself.

“I’m so sorry, dear,” she comforts the girl. “You startled me.”

“It’s okay,” the child replies, evidently recovered. Inexplicably, her eyes widen even farther. “Are you a princess?!”

Indilwen laughs, “Well…basically, yes!” The two chatter about princesses until the girl hears her name called.

“Krystal! Are you bothering the lady?” asks an odd-looking halfling as he walks up. Skinny, his hair is pulled into a top-knot atop his head and pouches adorn his clothing.

“Sir Davvydq!” Indilwen exclaims. “We’ve been looking for you.”

“What?!” Kinndyr replies. “Who? When? I didn’t do it!”

“I was told you could lead us to the tunnels beneath the Dagger Rock,” Indilwen explains.

“Nope, not me,” Kinddyr says innocently. “I don’t know about any tunnels.”

“Me neither!” Corkscrew contributes1.

“Please,” Indilwen says to the halfling. “I’m in great need. Grog sent me to you.”

Kinddyr’s eyes narrow. “Well I suppose I may be able to help.”

“Very good,” Indilwen replies. “We will return shortly. First, we have business at the Dagger Rock.”

The party heads towards the river, with the intent of dropping the ransom in the slot beneath the Dagger Rock. At its nearest point, the rock lies 160 feet from the shore. Raven announces that he will swim the box of pearls out. Indilwen agrees and passes the box of pearls to the lieutenant.

His armor removed and armed with only a dagger, Raven swims for the Dagger Rock. He makes it almost halfway out before the group on the shore sees a finned creature in pursuit.

“Bunyip,” Sereg mutters, drawing his bow. The other elves follow suit, as well as Dragas. Arrows fly towards the creature, Indilwen’s scoring a hit as the bunyip’s body rises above water level. Unsure of how to assist without a ranged weapon, Corkscrew is hit with a heroic inspiration. Slicing his palm, he jumps into the river, allowing his blood to infuse the water and hopefully attract the creature’s attention2.

Dragas lands a hit with an enchanted arrow on the bunyip, scaring the creature off, and Raven is able to make it to the rock. Corkscrew pulls himself from the water and asks Indilwen if she will wrap his wounded hand. The lady tends his wound, steeling her expression of disgust at having to touch the sopping wet, uncouth dwarf.

Meanwhile, Raven investigates the drop slot on Dagger Rock. He finds something strange, and calls back to the group. “There’s something unusual with the drop slot!”

“Just make the drop, Lieutenant!” Indilwen yells back, annoyed. “We’re on a deadline!”

“Something strange?” Corkscrew calls. “I might be able to help. You know, like how I open wine bottles and crates and stuff.”3 Corkscrew and Dragas take a raft over to assist Raven, while the elves choose to remain on the shore.

Corkscrew finds an opening beneath the drop slot that opens into a water-filled room. For the second time, the dwarf willingly splashes into the water. He finds that a string had been rigged to break if the door was opened. He also discovers a portion of the room’s floor where the sandy bottom has been disturbed. Pulling aside a tarp, he retrieves HIS large, heavy box, which he passes up to Raven and Dragas. Replacing the broken string, the dwarf leaves the ransom drop, and the three raft back to shore.

Meanwhile, Sereg and Indilwen have found common ground, speaking quietly about the ineptitude of the lower races. Surprised by the apparent moment of peace between them, Sophos immediately becomes suspicious and begins to look around. He happens to see a human taking a particular interest in the party’s activities. As Corkscrew loads HIS box on to the raft, the human’s eyes widen and he turns to leave. Sophos takes off after him. Catching up, the monk “sweeps the leg,” sensing at the last moment to aim lower. The human’s body appears to flicker, and a gnome sprawls to the ground before his illusion snaps back into place.

Back on the shore, Corkscrew utilizes those “winemaking” skills3 of his to pop open HIS box, revealing a number of bags. He swipes his dagger across the tops of the bags, opening them all to reveal 3,000 gold Zimerhelqian coins.

1 This is not sarcasm, it is completely legitimate (roll insight).
fn2. As deliciously as possible. that line was left out
fn3. I’m a legitimate businessman, this is legit. Tell the guards to go away.


Again, sorry that it’s kinda Indilwen-centric. Although that’s somehow fitting. As always, feel free to insert your own perspectives!

Wednesday Session 7/22/15

tried to add some footnotes but the formatting is being weird, need to research it a bit more. Also changed the correct ownership of the box. :P

Wednesday Session 7/22/15

Hahahaha love it! :)

Wednesday Session 7/22/15

Not sure why your footnotes didn’t work, code looks right to me. I had a problem with Grog’s character link too. Silly Textile.

Wednesday Session 7/22/15

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