Difonix: Living Zimerhelq

Wednesday Session 4/8/15

Decisions, decisions...

This session’s guest stars: Dan, owner of Đragaš Brewing, playing Đragaš the ranger and Derek filling in as Flynn Mithoi.

As the party tends to their wounds, Corkscrew “investigates” the bodies of the fallen creatures. He finds that the orcs bear markings of the Twisted Nail tribe, known to be in the employ of the Storm Tyrant. They also appear to be well paid in gold coins identified as being from an ancient dragon empire.

Đragaš runs in from further afield. Seeing Lt. Bearclaw, he reports that the orcs only appear to kill the militia and anyone fighting back. Otherwise, they are only herding people towards the keep. Flynn rejoins the party, as they continue through the streets of Dagger Rock’s second terrace.

Coming up on an intersection, members of the party hear some disturbing noises. Three tribal orcs are having their way with some poor women, while four more orcs wait their turn. Everyone moves to attack, including the clearly incensed Lady Indilwen.

Perhaps still feeling the effects of the previous fight, the party members are slow to deal damage, taking more hits than they give. But an impressive sneak attack from Corkscrew provides the motivation needed. Sophos dodges blows, while Flynn shoots rays of frost into the melee. Lt. Bearclaw lands a successful hit with his greatsword, following up with a maneuver to disarm his opponent. Sereg fires a lethal shot to an orc threatening Indilwen, allowing her to move forward and send her longsword through another orc attacking Đragaš. Sophos scores a mighty blow, felling one of the three orcs surrounding him and breaking the morale of the other two, which turn tail to run away. Not having it, Sereg downs one with an arrow shot and Indilwen calls down a sacred flame of Corellon Larethian to finish the other.

Lady Indilwen immediately moves to comfort the three women, speaking soothing words and recommending a tea of pennyroyal and angelica root. Flynn conjures the illusion of a comforting blanket to cover the women. Corkscrew kindly drags the bodies out of the view of the women, where he can loot they no longer have to see the creatures that violated them.

While Indilwen heals Lt. Bearclaw and Sophos, Đragaš observes giant figures excavating into the bluff of the upper terrace. The party debates whether or not to proceed. Indilwen informs the group that she has exhausted the magic granted to her by her god. Flynn also reports that he is low on available spells.

“Besides,” Flynn adds, “It’s almost time for my bath.”

It seems the party has decided to return to the keep to rest. Except that Sereg has already started in the direction of the giants. Indilwen chases after him.

“Sereg, it’s too dangerous. Corellon has granted me no more healing magic for the day,” she tells him.

“I don’t care,” says Sereg, affecting a reasonable impersonation of Indilwen’s voice. “I’m his favorite ranger!”

Frustrated, Indilwen calls back to the group, “Sophos, stop him!”

Sophos is barely able to contain his patronizing look. “How?!”

While the rest of the party tries to decide what to do, Flynn is suddenly struck with an insight into the giants’ activity. He describes to those listening that the land of Zimerhelq was historically populated by dwarves and orcs and that the very land they’re standing on was the orcish capital. Uskroth, an orcish war-chief, is known for standing against the human invaders led by King Zimer and, in fact, slew the king himself. His tomb is purported to remain hidden in the area, housing magic beyond legend. In particular, a dwarven-crafted warhammer possessing giant-slaying magic.

Meanwhile, Indilwen catches up to Sereg again.

“Are you or are you not a member of my official diplomatic escort?” she demands.

“I am,” Sereg answers warily.

Indilwen straightens. “Then I order you to stand down!”

Sereg doesn’t stop. “I can’t do that,” he replies.

Indilwen freezes, out of options. “Sereg, this is reckless!” she pleads.

His muttered response is only audible to Indilwen’s ears. Her face pales as she watches him continue on…


So much dorky dialogue haha. But it really happened! So dramatic. =P

Feel free to make any edits (or aggrandizing), it is a wiki after all!

Scott, you were right on with the herbs! Nice one!

Wednesday Session 4/8/15

Sweeeeeet. 50 XP. I like “dorky” dialogue.

Wednesday Session 4/8/15

Flynn back in the mix! A little class and judicious snobbery is just what this party needs. That, and fiery blasts of dead orc-making magic. Also, rumors of the ancient giant-slaying king’s tomb, you say? With ancient giant-slaying magic weapons, you say? This is starting to sound familiar… look out for massive deadly ewokosii-filled swamps guys. Just sayin’.

Wednesday Session 4/8/15

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