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Wednesday Session 4/22/15

We're #1! I mean, we roll 1s!

The drama continues…

“Sereg!” Indilwen yells. “How many giants will you kill? Before they kill you? Before they kill us all? One? Two?”

Sereg pauses and Indilwen continues, “If we recover and prepare, we can kill them all. I will help you kill them all.”

“If we take the time to prepare, we’ll lose them,” Sereg replies.

“Surely you could track them,” Indilwen counters with a smirk. “Aren’t you Corellon’s favorite ranger?” The rest of the party catches up with the bickering elves.

Just then, screams fill the air as three griffons in formation swoop in for an attack up ahead. Some form of weapon whips out, sending one of the griffons plummeting down in a burst of feathers. Horn blasts from Bearclaw Keep call the attack. Sidon Bearclaw leads on his cave bear-driven chariot.

Sereg whistles a call, getting the attention of one of the griffons, who circles closer. “Sir Trellic!” Indilwen cries, recognizing the rider.

“Follow me to the giant and his handlers!” Sir Andred Trellic commands. “Beware the chain!”

The party comes up on said giant, which Sereg recognizes as a cave giant, extremely rare to find above ground. Even more strangely, two orcs are perched on its shoulders. Upon closer inspection, the orcs wield chains attached at the giant’s wrists by manacles. One of the orcs wears a strange set of goggles. Similarly, two more orcs balance on the giant’s feet, the four controlling the giant as a bizarre marionette.

The elves in the party fire arrows at the giant and its handlers, with varying success. Corkscrew moves forward, only to be pulverized by a huge rock hurled by the giant. Unfortunately, Đragaš slips on the muddy ground, slamming into Raven’s back, stunning himself. (For those of you keeping score at home, this is confirmed critical fumble #1).

The group fails to notice an unusual eldritch blast that hits the giant, as Lt. Raven Bearclaw charges forward. The giant hurls another rock, which violently takes Corkscrew down. Indilwen begins to make her way to the dwarf, attempting to fire off a shot with her shortbow. She too slips on the mud, painfully twisting her ankle. (Yes folks, confirmed critical fumble #2).

Sir Trellic guides his griffon in for an attack, scoring a hit on the giant with his lance. The giant retaliates, whipping the chain out for a hit on the griffon, Gryfwen.

Indilwen hears a strange chanting behind her in the language of creatures of the Underdark. Turning around, she sees a brown-skinned humanoid with somewhat elven features. Not forgetting Grog‘s theory of the Oa’xacoa potentially responsible for the abduction of her retainers, Indilwen calls down the sacred flame of Corellon, singeing the dark half-elf. She hears Corkscrew’s shuddering breath, assuring that he yet lives.

Sir Trellic lands Gryfwen behind the giant, who begins to swing its chain for another attack. Fortunately for our heroes, the giant is evidently confused and ends up wrapping the chain around its own head. (Mmmhmm, confirmed critical fumble #3). Sereg lands a powerful arrow shot in its chin.

The dark-skinned half-elf moves past Indilwen, who hears a voice speaking elven in her head, “I’m a teacher at the Mithoi School.” Huh?! Sophos fires his bow, killing the goggle-wearing orc. Đragaš also lands a shot, finishing off one of the foot-orcs. Indilwen attempts to move forward, but her injured ankle crumples under her weight.

Sir Trellic smites the evil giant, which falls to the ground dead. The party fires arrows and magical blasts on the remaining orcs, felling one. Sir Trellic finishes off the final orc with a blow from his greataxe.

Indilwen attempts to tend to her twisted ankle, despite having exhausted her magical healing. Both Sereg and Sir Trellic move forward to assist, Sereg reaching the lady first and healing her with a spell granted by Corellon Larethian. In thanks, Indilwen slaps the ranger across the face.



Indilwen and Sereg have each earned Inspiration for their “bickering”. Nicely done again, Lily. Thank you. 40 XP.

Wednesday Session 4/22/15

I’d write an official recap, but it would be really short. We killed a giant and some other annoyances. My companions helped a little when they weren’t bitching about dying.

Wednesday Session 4/22/15

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