Difonix: Living Zimerhelq

Wednesday Session 4/1/15

Raven Bearclaw activate!

Scott H. joined us for the first time and agreed to play Lieutenant Raven Bearclaw, favored son of Dagger Rock.

Lady Indilwen, Sereg, and Sophos head out of the back room of Grog’s Happy Half-ogre Inn, now accompanied by Corkscrew the dwarven vintner. Indilwen breezes by the escort of local militia, intent on finding this Sir Kinndyr Davvydq and rescuing her ransomed retainers. Upon leaving the inn, however, panic is spreading through the streets of Dagger Rock. The vineyards are burning, silhouetting large forms along the upper terrace.

In elven fashion, Sereg and Sophos fire off arrows, scoring hits on the closest silhouette, which disappears beyond the edge of the bluff. Meanwhile, the alarm bell sounds and Lt. Bearclaw orders the town’s citizens to retreat to the keep. Sergeant Oakheart volunteers to lead the people to safety, while Lt. Bearclaw initiates a charge through the town. The party ascends the ramp to the second terrace, only to watch in horror as a monstrous orcish creature in strange spiked armor strikes a mighty upward blow with a battle axe, rending the head of one of Lt. Bearclaw’s comrades-in-arms in two with a shower of brain matter.

Indilwen calls upon the blessing of Corellon Larethian, as Lt. Bearclaw, Corkscrew, and Sophos charge and Sereg begins to rain enchanted arrows down upon the creatures. The three powerful, strangely-armored orcs and a more conventional tribal orc are ready, and the battle begins.

Lt. Bearclaw enters the fray, exchanging blows with the creatures. Sophos practices his control of the elements, pulling water from the very air to bring one of the orcs into striking distance. Unfortunately, the creature returns the favor, felling the monk with a single savage blow. Corkscrew weaves in and out of the scrum, scoring precise and painful hits. Sereg continues to fire arrows, while Indilwen moves to tend to Sophos.

Despite the arrival of an additional tribal orc, the party prevails. They heal and take stock of the fallen creatures before looking up to the third terrace, where the vineyards are still in flames…


Nice! 35 XP.

Personally, I need this kind of summary and if a player is feeling inclined to do it, I’ll chip in some XP to repay the effort. Think of it as a bonus Critical Hit award.

Last night was a lot of fun once the ball was rolling. The battle field is wide open and things are afoot to say the least. I hope Scott enjoyed his first foray into D&D in 20+ years.

Wednesday Session 4/1/15

Thanks! Like I said, no guarantees, but I’m going to try to keep up with this. For myself as much as everyone else. ;)

Wednesday Session 4/1/15

Awesome! Brought me back to 1997… I really need to get back on and go after some “super orcs”

Wednesday Session 4/1/15

Nice work scribing there Lily! Although the self-aggrandizement quota falls well short of the average for a classic Dagger Rock PC journal entry ;-)

Wednesday Session 4/1/15

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