Difonix: Living Zimerhelq

The Griffon Spy, chapter 2

Part 2 , Written by Ved StringSinger

She stood there proud, without a doubt in her eye,
she glared daggers at us, I thought I would die,
and with a scoff and a scowl, The good lady did protest,
“I’m not going down there, surely you jest”
“its filled with vermin, demons and filth”, to which I would agree,
“but there is something that needs doing, it might as well be you three”

Sereg did not let her finish, he turned boot to heel,
turning his back to her, walking away with zeal.
I followed him in time, not sure in the matter,
thinking this foolish, we must be mad as a hatter

These demons prepared traps, Sophos did see,
I did not, and took a blade to the knee,
an ambush was laid, it was poor at best,
Sereg wasted no time putting arrows in chests
They fled like cowards, victory was within reach,
until the rats got out, pouring out of the breach.

the battle was taxing, our resources drained,
spirits were low, we were all in pain,
but continue we must, to find this man,
to save him from demons, and shed light on his plan



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